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Roman Glass Woven Wire Wrapped Pendant

  • Roman Glass Woven Wire Wrapped Pendant
  • Roman Glass Woven Wire Wrapped Pendant
  • Roman Glass Woven Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Pendant measures just over an inch wide and just over 1.75 inches long, including the bail.

Unwrapped beautiful iridescent Roman glass pieces range in size from 10-19 mm long and 5-13 mm wide (as placed in setting).

Hand woven in classic bronze wire.

Comes with a chocolate brown satin cord and a card telling about the metaphysical properties of Roman glass.

These glass remnants were discovered buried in the northern central region of Asia. It is from an extension of the Greek civilization that dates back to 350-150 BC (over 2100 years old!). Called the Bactrain Kingdom (even though this glass has come to be called 'Roman'), this civilization was creative and prosperous, using glass to create beautiful beads, tiles, bottles and vases. Over thousands of years the glass remnants have collected a patina of mineral deposits that appears iridescent in many specimens. They are said to emanate joyful living and happiness, among other things. I am certainly moved by their history and energy when I sit quietly and hold a piece.

The pendant comes with a chocolate brown satin cord, but would also look lovely worn on a gold, rose gold or bronze chain. My handmade original, infused with love!

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Roman Glass: These beautiful glass remnants are more than 2150 years old, dating from 350-150 BC! This kingdom represented the northernmost reaches of the Hellenistic Empire, essentially an extension of the ancient Greek civilization. These glass pieces were once beads, bottles, jars, cups, vases, perfume containers and decorative tiles. Over the ages they became buried and broken into small bits that began to collect mineral deposits from the earth that covered them. These deposits then developed into what collectors call “patina”- beautiful layers of iridescent olor. These ancient glass remnants have been said to carry an energy joyful living, perspective regarding one’s problems and allowing what is most important in life to become clear. Simply put, they seem to emanate happiness and the need to cherish life!

(these properties are subjective in nature...they came from intuitive information. Use your own discrimination to interpret these ideas)!

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