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Ethiopian Opal Handmade Pendant

  • Ethiopian Opal Handmade Pendant
  • Ethiopian Opal Handmade Pendant
  • Ethiopian Opal Handmade Pendant
  • Ethiopian Opal Handmade Pendant

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Pendant measures just over 1.5 inches long including the bail.

Unwrapped vivid rainbow fire Ethiopian opal measures 14 mm long and 13 mm wide; the opal weighs 0.7 grams or 3.5 carats.

Artisan hand crafted in sterling silver with a round fluorite bead and sparkling Swarovski crystal.

Comes with a chocolate brown satin cord and cards telling about the metaphysical properties of Ethiopian opal and fluorite.

The opal comes from a newer mining find in Ethiopia (the Welo Mine). In years past, Ethiopian opals were known to demonstrate dark brown or red color with brilliant fire, often opaque to light. These specimens exhibit yellow/white or clear color with much fire! This kind of opal goes by the name "crystal opal", "jelly opal" or sometimes "water opal". It is essentially transparent or translucent to light and displays pretty changing fire as the stone is viewed from multiple angles!

My handmade original, infused with love!

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Ethiopian Jelly Opal: This stunningly beautiful and colorful opal occurs within spheres of nodular rhyolite mined in Ethiopia (first discovered in the 1990's). As with all opals, it is a very energizing stone that is thought to increase productivity and spontaneity. It is believed to facilitate astral travel, conscious dreaming and clarity of perspective for difficult decisions. It is also thought to help awaken your intrinsic psychic and intuitive abilities-excellent for inspiring creativity and releasing inhibitions. Called a "Stone of Joy", it is believed to activate the base, heart and crown chakras, bringing the joy of the non-physical realm to our world!

Fluorite: A highly protective stone, good for aura cleansing and blocking others’ negative energy. Brings order to chaos, increasing ability to concentrate and focus. Has a very clean and uplifting energy. Believed to heighten intuitive powers and open the door to the subconscious.

(from the Melody book "Love is in the Earth" and the Michael Gemstone Dictionary..these properties are subjective in nature..they came from intuitive or channeled information. Use your own discrimination to interpret these ideas)!

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