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Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant

  • Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant
  • Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant
  • Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant
  • Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant

Item's full price is $49.99, on sale for a limited time.

Pendant measures just over 1.75 inches long, including the bail.

Unwrapped Madagascar amethyst scepter crystal measures 24 mm long and 14 mm wide; it weighs 2.6 grams.

Hand crafted in sterling silver with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Comes with a chocolate brown satin cord and cards telling about the metaphysical properties of amethyst and scepter quartz.

Amethyst is a beloved crystal healer's classic, believed to carry so many wonderful properties including being able to help with meditation, insomnia, provide calm, open the crown chakra and lessen the ego. In ancient times Amethyst was carried by some in an attempt to "ward off drunkenness", and to this day it remains a cherished stone in 12 step recovery communities because of this history!

The pendant comes with a chocolate brown satin cord, but would also look lovely worn on a silver chain. My handmade original, infused with love!

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Amethyst: Believed to be a stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst was also said to be the stone of sobriety in ancient times, carried to ward off drunkenness. Considered a “natural tranquilizer” by some because of its reported calming effect and serene energy. Thought to aid in meditation, help with insomnia, balance the wearer’s energy, cleanse the aura and provide a sense of peace. Also said to encourage selflessness and freedom from ego while opening and activating the crown chakra. A crystal healer’s classic, Amethyst is believed to be one of the highest of spiritual stones!

Scepter quartz: A special form of crystal characterized by a naturally formed crystal point that has grown around a longer crystal stem. This configuration of crystal is believed to have been used in Atlantis and Lemuria for healing. It is thought to resonate strongly with the heart chakra and to be an excellent energy healing tool.

(these properties are subjective in nature...they came from intuitive information. Use your own discrimination to interpret these ideas)!

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